Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Training Update: 1/3/12

I hit the range again yesterday to try put some shooting on the timer and actually see where I am at. I also wanted to try to drill of the week. When I arrived at the range there was only one lane open and no matter how hard I tried I could not keep my shot timer from picking up the shots from the guy in the lane next to me with a P250 chambered in 357 Sig. So I started off just working press outs on a generic bad guy target without a timer until the range cleared out a little bit.

Once I had a little breathing room I ran through the Press Six drill at 10ft because it became apparent that my press out sucked pretty bad and needed lots of work. I dropped 6 rounds, 2 were due to a brain fart on dot #3 when I thought I had to get 2 rounds in 2 seconds (I obviously missed both). Otherwise I probably would have only dropped 4.

The range really cleared out after I got done with Press Six (I guess everyone's lunch break was over) so I took the opportunity to run some Bill Drills on a 8.5"x11" blank sheet of paper to record split times and see where I was at. The last time I ran Bill Drills with my G22 this was the target I used, and I wanted a direct comparison for the 96D. My average split time with the G22 was 0.27 seconds. My previous average split time with the 96D was 0.37 seconds. This time around it was 0.30 seconds. My fastest split was 0.25, of which I had 5. I had 20 splits under 0.30 seconds. I had a few average killers that were 0.40 plus. Modest improvement I guess.

I followed the Bill Drills with an attempt at the drill of week. I didn't do near as good as I thought I should have, especially considering I had just spent over half my range session working on the press out. I ran the drill from a high compressed ready.

1st Attempt - 5/9 hits - 3.85 (-1), 3.20, 3.48
2nd Attempt - 6/9 hits - 3.28, 2.99 (-1), 2.82 (-1)
3rd Attempt - 7/9 hits - 3.02, 3.14, 2.61
4th Attempt - 7/9 hits - 2.69, 3.41, 2.55 (-1)

Aggregate score - 25/36

I only passed twice (3rd & 4th attempts, thanks to ToddG for the clarification). I had one shot over time on every other string of fire, plus the 4 misses. I think this drill is right at the edge of my performance envelope, and will be a good drill to push for completing successfully to get through that barrier. It is easy enough to perform, and since it uses a PAR time I don't have to worry so much about other being on the range at the same time.

The other big news is the 96D had its first malfunction in the 2k round challenge. It was a fail to feed and round #5 into a Bill Drill, round number 950 of the challenge. Below is what the malfunction looked like, although not the actual malfunction. I didn't think of taking a picture of it when it happened, so set it up later for a picture.

I am now 1,012 rounds into the challenge, and have 2,208 rounds through gun in total.

I hit the dryfire practice today (the first in a while) since I was so disappointed in my pressout, and to work reloads. I ran out of ammunition at the range before I got to them yesterday. I am still trying to rebuild the reload. Making progress, but far from perfect.

I hope to get back on the range one more time before the IDPA match on the 21st, but I think all in all this will be my best match. I have really picked up the training pace, and I can see improvement in some areas. I just have to make sure and plan my stages well.


  1. That's very typical of the stoppages suffered by 96-series guns. I love the 92's, wouldn't touch a 96.

    BTW, you're misreading your iHack scores. You shot it four times, nine shots per. You scored 7 or better on two of those four, so you passed both times. The passing standard is 7, not 3-for-3-out-of-3.

  2. I should have read the directions for the drill better:) Thanks for the clarification.

    I like everything about the 96 except it being .40 S&W. Hope to pick up a 92D or 92G at some point. I have been watching the local gun selling/trading forum for one, but most that come up are the 92fs.

  3. Good luck. The G's are hard to come by. You might look around at Beretta Forum. Even just a slide would allow you to switch. In fact, you can use your 96 frame with a 92 slide.

  4. Not a bad thought about just switching slides. I think I have even seen some G model slides on Beretta Forum. Depending on how many rounds I end up putting on this frame before reaching master class I may go that route.

    I think I have also read a few post about being able to switch an FS into a G with a little tinkering.

  5. Unless something has changed in the past few years -- which is entirely possible -- there is no way to convert a 92-series slide between F and G configurations. Some of their other models have this capability, but not the 92FS/96F.

  6. Rechecking the Beretta Forum, I remembered incorrectly. It was a thread for converting a px4 F model to a G model. Oh well. The search continues.