Sunday, January 8, 2012 2012 Performance Challenge is one of the best handgun related forums around, I highly suggest anyone interested in shooting performance check it out. Todd Green, the creator of started a thread called the "2012 Performance Challenge". It calls for tracking performance at the beginning of the year, and comparing it to performance at the end of the year. The tests that he chose to use for performance comparisons are the FASTest, and the Bullseye Three Way (aka "300").
At the range today, I took my best shot at both. I have never shot the Bullseye Three Way, and haven't shot the FAST in at least two years. My results reflected such.

Scores shown at the end of the video are raw times, without penalties assessed for the misses. During the FAST I was plagued with bad reloads and some sucky trigger control on the third one. You see it in the video.

My "300" scores weren't much better.

I scored a 77 on my freestyle string. The group that looks like two bullet holes in the 9 ring is actually 3. I tossed one round wide left about 2" off the paper. This was the first time I had shot 25yd groups with the 96D. I had completed this part of the drill previously with my G22, just before I switched platforms. Very disappointed in this score, especially considering my SHO and WHO scores below.

I scored 84 on the SHO string. A little surprised I did better than the freestyle string.

I scored 70 on the WHO string. I really didn't expect that (I anticipated much worse). I tossed two rounds, one left one right. You can see the one just off the paper to the left on the piece of tape. So close.

That gives me total score of 231. I missed the second run at the Bullseye Three Way as called for in the challenge. I just forgot about it. I will get back to the range sometime before the end of the month to get the 2nd set of scores.

I only put 58 rounds through the 96D while at the range because I was really there to get in some shotgun work. So really not much to report in terms of the 2k round challenge.


  1. re: reloads on first two FAST strings, it looks like the mag well is pointing higher than your belt line which makes it necessary to bring the magazine in at a steeper angle.

  2. I don't think I was bringing the gun in tight enough either. I was floating it out in a space a little trying to short cut the reload even though I was consciously thinking I needed to bring it in tight. So frustrating.