Saturday, December 3, 2011


I am fairly active on a couple local gun related forums and also have a friend and former co-worker who teaches firearms classes on the side. Other than the basic course to get a CHCL in the State of Arkansas it seems there is not much interest in firearms instruction around this area. That is why I have to drive to Memphis!!

I don't understand why more people don't seek out instruction. An instructor by the name of Dan Gray who was a long time law enforcement instructor related to me a story about what he always used to tell new recruits in the police academy when it came time to cover firearms "This is the least important thing you will learn, until it is the most important thing you know." The point I think he was trying to make is that the use of a firearm in a defensive context is not something we are going to use every day, or once a year, or once a decade or maybe even a lifetime for that matter. Bottom line is though when we do need it, what we have learned and probably more importantly how well we have learned it becomes the most important thing we can possibly know.

I know a lot of people who carry a firearm as a part of their profession, but even the most dedicated to proficient use of a firearm don't seem to give it much attention relative to what I call the "shooting community". This never ceases to baffle me. A guy who shoots local matches will spend more time trying to improve performance than the guy who as a component of his profession is going to depend on his shooting skill/fighting skill to save his life someday. As an example (and what inspired this post), a few buddies of mine who carry guns for a living and myself had a small impromptu match that was way simple and consisted of a few steel targets and a little bit of running. When all was said and done, most of the guys were pretty close together. Then there I was, the guy who shoots in local matches and isn't even a master class IDPA shooter and was 25% faster than the 2nd fastest guy. Why the disparity? Rant over.

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