Saturday, December 31, 2011

Training Update: 12/29/31

I hit the range for the first time in a while on Thursday to get in some much needed practice. I think I was going through withdrawal or something :) I started off function checking some new Mec-Gar magazines by shooting 3"x5" index card at 5 and 10 yards, they worked!! I was a little worried because I didn't want to screw up my 2k challenge run by trying out new magazines.

After that I shot a 50/50 Dot Torture at 10ft. I was a bit surprised, considering I haven't even been doing dryfire practice since my last training update with Christmas and all that going on.

I have decided that my split times suck, so I spent the rest of my range trip running pseudo Bill Drills. I say pseudo because I wasn't shooting at an 8" target because I didn't have any (8.5"x11" instead), I wasn't drawing from a holster because it isn't allowed, and the range was so crowded that my shot timer would have picked up everyone else's shots too. So I did the next best thing I could think of, I videoed all my drills, or rather my wife did. These are just a couple of my runs. About four Bill Drills in I started to rotate my left elbow a little higher and you can really tell a difference between the runs in the videos and the runs before the adjustment. Have to work on that so more so that it gets done without me thinking about it.

1,233 rounds to go in the 2k round challenge. I have my fingers crossed. Hope to be back on the range at least three times in January, including an IDPA match on the 21st.

Another interesting bit of news, the Arkansas State IDPA match is going to be held at CASA this year. Just might be my first big match if my work schedule will allow it.

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