Friday, December 9, 2011

Training Update: 12-8-11

I hit the range again while I was out running some errands this afternoon for the purpose of primarily working on getting my elbows up and working on recoil management. Video from the last training session really put in perspective how much I need to work on that.

I started off working target transitions on the same target as the last trip, and then switched to running 5 round rapid fire groups on the 8" tall and 6" wide ovals. There is definitely a visual difference between running elbows up and elbows down at speed. It is much easier to track the sights with elbows up. I was sans a shot timer though, so I don't know how it is going to translate on the timer yet. Hopefully it helps me get my split times down where I want them after I get the technique down.

I followed that with a 48/50 Dot Torture at 4 yards, 5 round rapid fire groups on a 4"x6" index card, and then full blown Bill Drills minus the draw stroke. I was pretty disappointed with the 48/50 on the Dot Torture. I am not sure how I pulled the shot low on Dot #1. That should not be happening. The miss on Dot #10 was the last shot of the drill, and I was just going too fast. I knew it was high as soon as the gun fired.

Only 176 rounds all together, but I think I made some progress in terms of recoil management, or at least started to.

1,584 rounds to go on the 2k round challenge.

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