Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Training Update: 12-5-11

I finally got to the range a couple days ago, but sadly I have loaned my shot timer to a friend and have not gotten it back yet. Needless to say, I was a little limited on the drills I could run without a shot timer. I decided to focus on target transitions, and getting solid hits on low probability targets as a semi train up for Steel Challenge this weekend.

I started off running transitions at 15 yards on 6"x8" ovals. I followed that by using the Typewriter target at 5yd and working through the numbers once then stopping and hitting the corners (1,3,4,6). That worked out well with my10 round magazines so I wasn't doing slide lock reloads in the middle of the drill. I made about 85% hits.

I think there are some issues I need to work on stance a grip wise, mostly raising my elbows slightly to get more grip pressure on the gun. I worked on it in dryfire, and if I am lucky I may get another range trip in tomorrow to work on it live.

I followed that by working transitions on the 3-two-1 target, but only firing a single round at each target. I shot set the target at 4 yards and in a horizontal orientation (as pictured), and hardly hit the 1" square at all. Most fell low left, something I need to work on. I changed the order I shot the targets in each repetition. My transitions between target sizes still need a lot of work. I have a tendency to just hit a pace and stay there.

As for the Trausch grips, I think they are an improvement over the stock grips, but without a timer I still can't say for sure. Doubtful I will have my timer back before my next range trip either.

In regard to the 2,000 round challenge, 240 down, 1,760 to go, no malfunctions.

I have been struggling with decided on a goal to set for myself for this weekends Steel Challenge match. Not only is it my first time shooting Steel Challenge, but also my first time shooting any type of match with my Beretta. I am hesitant to set any sort of time goals, just because I really have no clue how difficult the stages are. I have seen some high speed shooters take down the Steel Challenge stages in a hurry on youtube, but no way am I going to be able to go that fast, or even attempt to. I would miss every shot. So instead of having a time based goal I have decided to have an accuracy based goal. No misses for 4 out of 5 runs on each stage. That gives me one run to really pick up the speed if I feel like I can, or a mulligan if I need it :)

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