Monday, December 12, 2011

Steel Challenge Debrief

I had set a goal of having 100% accuracy on 4 of 5 runs for each stage at this match...well that didn't last long. In fact, it didn't survive the first stage (pendulum). This was my first Steel Challenge match, so I was hesitant to set a speed goal, but I ended up hitting a fairly happy medium between the two. I throttled back a little, but still ended up missing more shots that I expected.

I ended up finishing 1st in centerfire division, which was very surprising to me. But then again there weren't that many centerfire shooters. This match was a lot different than the IDPA matches I have been to. A much more relaxed atmosphere, but maybe that was just the squad I was in. Not sure. Anyway, thanks CASA for another great match. I will definitely be adding Steel Challenge to my list of matches to shoot on a regular basis.

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