Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rebuilding the Reload

On advice from ToddG in my first reload post and what I think is sound logic I am in the process of rebuilding my reload technique. It isn't a huge change, I just have to bring the gun in tighter to get my elbow against my torso, and attempt the same with my support hand. In theory, this will give me a repeatable index from reload to reload and allow for more consistency, which is what I am lacking.. I have worked on it a little bit and already think it will lead to a boost in performance. Here is a video of a full speed dryfire reload using the new technique, although not perfectly.

I will give it a run for a while, and then put on the timer and see how I do compared to my previous reloads (1.9 sec avg.). Consistency is the biggest thing. I could pull off some fast reloads before which is the reason for the decent average, just not on a consistent enough basis for me to be pleased with it.

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