Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Holster Decision

I have been carrying AIWB in my Bianchi soft leather IWB holster. For what the holster cost me I have been pleased. It certainly outshines the other "budget" IWB options I have seen on the market. In that time period I have learned a few things about AIWB and the Beretta 96. It is a heck of a long barrelled gun! I think AIWB would be better suited for a more compact, or at least shorter barreled gun. Something along the lines of a G-19 sized handgun would probably work really well for me AIWB, but I am committed to this 96D. So I have opted for the more traditional carry position in the 3-4 o'clock range.

I had a couple recommendations for the Kramer #3 from some accomplished shooters, and just about popped for one but decided to go another route for a couple reasons. There is a holster maker that is local to me by the name of Tommy Theis. I know about him from, and his holster business has been taking off lately with the local conceal carry community. He basically makes a version of the popular hybrid holsters floating around. I am all about supporting the local firearms industry, and since he only lives 15 minutes away from my house I thought this would be worth giving a chance. I have been very pleased with my dealings with Tommy so far. He has been very responsive to e-mails (like 5-10 minute reply responsive!), and seems very committed to delivering a product to meet his customer needs. I asked for a specific type of cut on the leather and he had no problem accommodating me. I am glad to be giving him my business.

Photo from
 This will be the first time I have used a hybrid type holster, I generally stick with all kydex or all leather. Theis holsters have a lifetime warranty, and a two week money back guarantee. So if it breaks I am covered, and if in the first two weeks I decide it just is absolutely not going to work I can return it and not be out any cash. I doubt I will be returning it though.


  1. Don't know if you're getting yours made differently, but the holster in the photo will likely interfere with establishing a full grip on the pistol in the holster. It essentially has too big of a sweat guard.

  2. I ordered mine with a lower profile cut. It should end up being about even with the rear of the slide stop. He also said I could cut it down further if I needed to and it would not void the warranty.

    That was one of my concerns, I generally am not a fan of sweat guards. Tommy was very easy to deal with in asking for the modification from the typical design.

  3. Does the idea of an open muzzle bother you? I looked hard at the Crossbreed holsters, but ended up shying away for this reason. Normal carry wouldn't be an issue, however extended range sessions leave the muzzle of my pistols filthy and that would be transferred to my pants pretty quickly. I could definitely be missing something though as I have never owned one like this.

    It looks like a quality piece and I'm with you 100% on supporting the local guys. I'll be interested to hear how it does.

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  5. I actually had not thought about that, but I am not too worried about it. The heat from a hot muzzle may be another issue though. We will see how it works out.