Friday, December 23, 2011

Competition pistol league...or something like that

In pistol competition it seems like there are a few basic major competition types; USPSA, IDPA and Steel Challenge. Most people, or at least a significant number of people at the range where I compete (or try to) shoot multiple formats. To my knowledge, there isn't really much of an intersection between each of the major formats.

This idea popped into my head after shooting my first Steel Challenge match on December 10th. If a guy wanted to shoot in multiple pistol competition formats, each format is pretty much a stand-alone competition in and of itself. What if instead of having each match basically being its own beginning and end there was a way to create a competition "season" with an overall champion at the end of the "season"? It is cool to say you have won a particular match, but how much cooler would it be to say you bested however many shooters over the course of an entire season. So not only did you outperform for a single match, but you consistently outperformed for multiple matches.

That would be easy enough to do if it were exclusive to a specific competition format, but who shoots just one format? Most of the people who compete on a regular basis (which are the people who would be interested in this because if requires regular participation) also compete in multiple types of matches.

So lets say we put together a pistol competition league of local shooters who shoot USPSA, Steel Challenge and IDPA in the course of a year. They may not shoot every match every month at their local club, but they shoot a fair number of each. How could we create a cumulative scoring system that would work across all three competition types so that at the end of the year (or some other pre-determined amount of time) the scores can be tallied and a champion declared?

To my knowledge (maybe my google-fu isn't good enough) no such system currently exist, and after spending the past few weeks thinking about it I may know why. I can't come up with a reasonable scoring system. The system would have to provide an equal measure of all three competition types so that a rock star Steel Challenge shooter who is just an average IDPA and USPSA shooter doesn't have an advantage over guys who excel in other match types. Ideally the system would work regardless of what matches were actually shot so that it wouldn't be a requirement to attend specific matches, but that may be asking too much.

So assuming we specify which local matches are eligible for the league, it becomes easier to score because shooter performance can be directly compared to other league participants in each specific match and then averaged at the end of the season. The problem the becomes what to do about the different divisions within each match type.

Any ideas on how to make all this work? I think on a local level it would be really cool to see something like this happen. I think it would really help to bring together the community somewhat, in addition to being really fun.

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  1. Sorry to drudge up an ancient post, but I have decided to get to the shooting sports and your blog has a ton of info. I'm starting from the beginning and reading it all...LOL

    Anyways, I was thinking that one way to do this would be to take each competitor's top 10, 20, or whatever number you want match finish position and add them together. Lowest overall score at the end of the year wins.

    You could require a minimum amount of each competition type to make sure that people don't sandbag and only attend competitions that they are good at.

    Anyways, just a thought. Love the blog!

    - Alex