Saturday, November 5, 2011

XD(M) 5.25

After reading Caleb Giddings thoughts on the newish XD(M) 5.25 I can't help but think maybe I need one :) The XD series is on my list of pistols I have to try because I generally don't like them, but honestly that dislike is based on very little personal interaction with the platform. I have heard some unsavory things from people who are supposed to know better than me that the XD series of handguns are not quite as good for one reason or another as their other main stream counter parts (e.g. Glock, et al.).

The other day at the range, I noticed a new XD(M) 5.25 in the rental case and decided to give it a run, just to see what it was like and refresh my memory. I had shot a couple XD's a loooonnnnggggggg time ago when my wife was shopping for her first gun, but haven't touched one since. I only ran 50 rounds through the gun, hardly enough to get a true feel for the gun, but I was fairly impressed. It didn't seem to be much different than a Glock or M&P from a shootability standpoint, but neither of those guns are on my must try list right now.

So, if anyone wants to donate $700 before the end of the month so I can take advantage of the Springfield magazine promo going right now, I would be very appreciative:)

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