Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Training Update: 11-8-11

So the good news is that with the new Wolff magazine springs in my training magazines the gun is running like a champ with the 15lb recoil spring. I did not bother switching over to try the 20lb spring again, I figure I will do that on my next range trip.

I put 194 rounds through the gun, working mostly on the draw, Bill Drills and a new drill called the typewriter. So running the draw, on a TQ-21 at 3yd and keeping everything inside the inner scoring ring I was getting two shots off from the holster in a fastest time of 1.16 seconds. My slowest was a 1.35 seconds. My 1st shot times were all right around 1 second. Compared to my draw time earlier this year, on a very similar type of target, at the same distance, that is a .40 second improvement. Not bad. Not as fast as I thought I might be able to do it though, especially after running the draw from AIWB last range trip and going quite a bit faster. I have always heard AIWB is fast, but I wouldn't think I would see that much of a difference.

I backed it up to 7 yards and repeated the drill with a fastest of 1.39 and slowest of 1.69. A little disappointed in the 1.69.

For the Bill Drills I was shooting on an 8" circle at 7 yards. I had an average draw time of 1.5 seconds on the nose, and an average total drill time of 3.39 seconds. Not great. I would like to get that under 3 seconds consistently. My fastest time for the total drill was 2.87 seconds with dropping a round. My average split for the drill was 0.37. Although I would like to think I could go faster, I just really cannot keep the gun on target to manipulate the trigger any faster than that. Although I know that if I were good enough it wouldn't really make a difference, I still wonder how fast I could go with a Beretta 92D and less recoil? (light bulb, I have a plan:) )

Now for the new drill. I ran the Typewriter Drill twice and it is really pretty awesome drill. I put the target up, looked at it, and thought I am going miss every shot trying to shoot at 2" dots at speed from 5yds. Well I wasn't exactly fast, but on my first run of 17.64 (w/reload) I was clean. Didn't drop a single round. I was actually surprised at how the sights fell into the next dot and pretty much stayed there for me to execute the shot. The 2nd run wasn't quite so good. I shot it faster at 15.44 (thinking I could go faster) but dropped 4 of 12 shots. My score for the drill after dividing number of hits (20) by the total time (33.08) was 0.60. Compared to Todd Greens score of 1.51, it sucked pretty bad. But of course, I am no Todd Green, and not many other people are either :)

I finished up the day by slowing everything down and running Dot Torture. I actually shot this drill kind of fast for me. At least faster then normal. Other than breaks for reloading magazines, probably the fastest I have ever shot it, and I scored a 50/50!! We will see if I can repeat next range trip. If I can, I will move it back a yard or two.

So all in all not a bad day on the range. The only bad news is that I have been looking into the expected service life of a Beretta 96. Word is from a former Beretta employee that they used to tell customers about 10k rounds. If that is the case, I only have 9,250 to go if I only count the rounds I have put through it. Who knows what the previous owners could have put through the gun. I will keep a close watch for frame cracks, but there may be a future switch to a 92D.

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