Saturday, November 5, 2011

Training Update: 11-3-11

I hit the range yesterday for about a half hour after getting my truck stuck in the mud on the way out to the range. I was going mostly to check my draw speed like I promised in my post about Range USA's Self Defense Handgun, and check function of my new 15lb recoil spring with better magazines than I was using last time. It should be noted that I was drawing from AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waist Band). This is a new carry position for me, I have only been using it for about a week and these were my first live draws from this position.

I started the range trip with a swing at a new drill I just found out about called Sweet Sixteen. I made it back to 20 yards from 10 yards on my first attempt. The wind was blowing so hard it kept blowing the target stand down and me around. It was very hard to get a good hold on target long enough to execute a smooth trigger pull. As a consequence I pulled several shots low trying to hurry the pull, but still made it to 20 yards before I missed three in a row.

For the draw and fire two drill like the Range USA course I used a B-27 target, which is pretty close in size to the targets used at Range USA, but not quite. Close enough for our comparison though. First draw of the day, first live draw from a new carry position from under two layers of concealment (fleece pull over and light jacket), I shot a 1.27 first shot with 1.49 second shot. Already faster than my Self Defense Handgun time of 1.56 out of an OWB holster with no concealment! My fastest time after I dropped the light jacket ended up being a 0.79 first shot and 0.99 second shot. My average though was around 1.15 first shot and 1.30 second shot. I think with a little time working from this draw position I could really clean up those runs and drop into the 1.15 range. I had trouble getting a good grip on the gun before coming out of the holster.For comparison, my most recent time recorded from 7 yards (4 yards further back) with my G22, from a Blackhawk Serpa (not a big fan) was 1.09 first shot and 1.28 total.  Next range trip I will be sure to bring my OWB holster to get a more accurate comparison, but I think it is telling that from a brand new carry position, under two layers of cover garment, I was able to beat my Self Defense Handgun time by nearly a tenth.

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