Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Training Update: 11-19-11

This is what happened with those 275 rounds mentioned in the Beretta update. I warmed up with a 3"x5" at 7 yards shooting 5 rounds freestyle, 5 rounds SHO and 5 rounds WHO. I pulled one of the WHO shots low, and another one just barely touched the bottom edge of the card. My WHO shooting has dropped off as compared to what I was doing with a Glock before transitioning to the Beretta. I imagine because of the longer trigger pull than anything else. A member over at is sending me a set of Trausch grips to try out. He says they really help WHO shooting because they are so much thinner than the stock grips. I haven't actually spent much time working WHO shooting, so it is going on the list to try and get that back up to par.

I followed that with a run at the 3x5 Speed Push drill that was this past weeks DotW over on I wasn't able to run the drill from a holster because of range restrictions, but had a fastest time of 2.04 seconds on the first string. My average time on the 2nd string was 2.01 and I dropped 5 rounds. I had a couple runs that I just completely screwed up and went way slow (2.72 and 2.25) that killed my average time and cost me some hits. This drill is incredibly user adaptable to improve speed on any target size at any distance regardless of shooter skill level. For example, if I wanted to work on getting -0 hits on an IDPA target faster I could just as easily do this drill using an 8" circle instead of a 3"x5" index card. I am adding it to my regular rotation because my speed while maintaining good hits is certainly something I need work on.

After shooting a speed drill I always like to follow with something a little slower to reel myself back in a little bit, so I shot Dot Torture at the standard 3 yards. I shot a 49/50, unfortunately. At first I had thought I turned in a 50/50 (would have been the first time to turn in two 50/50 scores in a row), but later on after I left the range I saw the miss on dot #8. Sad day. I think next time I am going to push it back to 5 yards anyway and see how I do. With enough focus, I think I can pull it off.

Next up were Bill Drills and 26662.  Nothing real spectacular to report with the Bill Drills, I am still where I was before pretty much. This was the first time I had really run 26662 in earnest though, and it was an eye opener. I have a lot of work to do in going from a low probability target to a higher probability target. My speed isn't picking up like it should. I am not sure if it is a target transition issue and I am not following the sights properly or if the speed transition is just blowing my mind. I could slow back down no problem, but not the other way around. I spent a fair amount of time on this drill since I was having issues with it. I am going to have to revisit it on my next range trip.

Finished everything up by turning in my worst 1" dot drill score ever, a 10/24. I guess I had reached my fatigue threshold or something, it just wasn't coming together for me.

I will probably work the dry-fire pretty hard getting ready for my first steel challenge match on December 10th and might be able to squeeze in one more range trip before the match. I guess we will see just how bad my target transitions are at the match. Anyone know a good dry-fire drill for working target transitions? Need to pick up a couple more magazines before then too.

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