Thursday, November 24, 2011

Strong Side OWB vs. AIWB

I was working my dry-fire draws yesterday and since I have been playing around with the idea of AIWB carry I videoed some of the repetitions to compare the two draw strokes. I was running repetitions at about 50%-60% speed, I then slowed it down even more in the video. (I automatically get mega style points for the retro furniture)

I have more than just these two reps on video, but these two are pretty representative of all the rest of their respective type. It would seem to me that with the strong side draw stroke I am bringing the gun up under the face and then out, where as with the AIWB draw the gun comes up directly in front of the face (which I think is better) and then out. I may have to start making a concious effort to get the gun up more with the strong side draw. I wonder if actually bringing my support hand off my chest a little would also help this.

I have been experimenting with AIWB for the past few weeks and am really starting to appreciate the advantages it seems to offer over more traditional carry positions. The 96D seems to melt into my frame pretty good at that carry location, unlike the fullsize Glocks I have tried it with previously, and it definitely feels like a more natural draw stroke.

To show how a pro does it, here is a video of ToddG running a SIRT pistol from AIWB in a class demo.

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