Thursday, November 10, 2011

So How Much Does This Stuff Cost?

Some people might be looking at this blog thinking "If only I had the money to do that." In reality I don't spend an incredible amount of my expendable income on shooting. To shoot a local match cost $10 per match. So for my entire shooting season this year it cost me $40 in match fees. A tank of gas cost me more than that. At each match I maybe shoot 100 rounds of ammo, plus I shot the IDPA Classifier once so that is another 90 rounds so we will just round it up to 500 rounds. Shooting .40 S&W that is about $130 of ammunition. If I were shooting 9mm (which for anyone out there who cares that is actually what I would recommend) that would be $100 or less depending on how well I shopped around. I really need to give some thought to that.

Assuming I already have a suitable handgun (which is any gun chambered in 9mm or above pretty much), I can pick up a good holster for $20-$30 like the Safariland I use for my Beretta 96D, a good magazine pouch for the same, and I am ready to go. So about $50 worth of gear is all I need, and that will last me for a few years at least.

So starting from scratch except for the handgun it cost less than $200 to shoot an entire season of local IDPA matches. In the bigger picture, that really isn't much of an investment in resources. Now if you throw in a handgun shooting course or two and lots of practice ammo plus range fees and the price will go up, but for starting out, you can get to that stuff when you get there. The most important thing is having fun and enjoying the sport, and for $200ish a year I would say that is a pretty cheap hobby.

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