Sunday, November 20, 2011

In Search of a Holster

I have been using a Bianchi leather IWB holster as a stop gap measure until I was decided on just how long I wanted to stick with Beretta. Since I have been pleased with the 96D from a shootability standpoint I might as well stay with Beretta after it breaks (if it breaks), so it is time to invest in a better holster. The problem is, I can't find any! Maybe I am not looking in the right places. If anyone has any recommendations I am all ears.


  1. Desantis and Don Hume have holsters for the 92.

  2. Comp-tac is doing a 20% off sale Friday only. Great kit there.


  3. Back when I was carrying a full sized 90-series behind the hip IWB every day, I used either a Milt Sparks Executive Companion or a Kramer IWB #3. I'd probably lean toward the Kramer today.

  4. That makes two recommendations for the Kramer #3. What about for AIWB? Will a Kramer #1-1/2 work for that, or maybe a #2. I am not sure how the paddle on the #1-1/2 would work out for AIWB.