Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Everything Update: 11-14-11

I had a chance to run about 120 rounds through my Beretta 96D with the 20lb spring yesterday. It worked flawlessly. I guess the magazine springs were the issue after all. There is a slight difference in felt recoil. I wasn't able to put the gun on the timer to see if my splits changed any, but the sights seemed to fall into place a little quicker. Feelings can be deceptive, but it felt faster. The timer will tell the tale when I get a chance.

I have been talking to some people about running a spring that is 50% stronger than the stock spring and some have expressed concern over negative wear effects. The force of the slide going back into battery could cause abnormal wear issues. I put in an e-mail to Beretta asking them that specifically, and their reply basically said they do not recommend use of non-factory parts, and that a heavier spring could cause function issues, but did not say whether or not it would cause durability issues.

I guess my 96D will be the test bed to see how it works out. As long as the gun remains functional, I don't plan on moving back to a lighter spring. The below video is at 1/8th speed. It is a little too tight, but you get the idea. The brass was ejecting nearly straight up and hitting the ceiling.

There won't be a training update associated with those 120 rounds since really all I did was rather pointless mag dumps down range at varying shooting speeds. I didn't have any of my usual training targets with me to run Dot Torture or anything like that. They only really training related thing I did was finish up with 10 rounds at a 3"x5" card at 10 yards.


  1. I found your experiment quite informing regarding the 20lb recoil spring swap in your 96D and with your contact with Beretta. I own a 96FS(1988) model. It's a safe queen/ HD pistol. It's a wonderful shooter but I agree it's under sprung. I suspected it from the start, I tried a 15LB wolff spring and it still put casings 20 ft away. I'm from the school that a properly ejecting pistol should eject casings 6-12 feet not 20-30 feet.

  2. Although I never got around to trying it, I think the "butter zone" might be an 18lb spring. I think 20lb's was just a little much. While it worked fine with the ammo I was shooting, an 18lb spring might leave a little more room for using a wider range of ammunition from different manufacturers.