Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2,000 Round Challenge Begins Tomorrow

I have come to the point where I am reasonably confident in the Beretta's ability to function properly if clean and lubricated. So now it is time to step it up a notch. Tomorrow I will official start a 2,000 round challenge. It will probably take me at least a couple months to get 2,000 rounds downrange. December will be a very slow shooting month with Christmas and other family related activities. If all goes as planned though, hopefully by the end of January or mid-February I will be at 2,000 rounds without a single drop of oil. (fingers crossed)


  1. I can certainly understand wanting to see if a Beretta, let alone any pistol used for self-defense (or, for that matter, competition) will run for 2K rounds without malfunction. It's a good, common-sense test. However, I'm uncertain as to what the point is to do so without periodic lubrication-ESPECIALLY for a tightly fitted/tolerenced gun like a Beretta 92/96. As Todd Green and Larry Vickers have documented and established, both personally, experientially, and ancedotally, these guns quite simply need sufficient lubrication-both initially and periodically reapplied-to properly function. While pretty much any autopistol will run for a magazine or two without sufficient lubrication, to expect continued success for anything but, for example, a Glock or HK (primarily due to a combination of both design and minimized metal-on-metal slide/receiver contact/bearing points) is, in my opinion, simply positioning yourself to invite failure. If nothing else, I suspected that extended use without proper lubrication will significantly accellerate wear. While I commend you for conducting a 2K test, I strongly encourage a proper lubrication protocol be adhered to during it.

    Best, Jon

  2. If I were trying to get indefinite use from the gun, then I would certainly agree with your logic. The purpose here though is to find the designs limit. I said early on that I intended to run the gun as hard as I could afford for that reason. It will also offer another point of comparison against current polymer designs that seem to pass the 2k round challenge with little trouble.

  3. All I'll say is: this should be interesting...

  4. Unfortunately, work kept me busier than expected Thursday and so I have pushed the start back to Monday. Hopefully.

    Hope to hit the 500 round mark by the end of the week.