Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Training Update: 10/26/11

I worked in about a 30 minute dry fire session today, focusing on reloads and draw. I put up an 8" circle at 7 yards (across my living room) and set the timer to a PAR of 2.0 seconds and had to draw and get as many trigger pulls in before the buzzer as I could. I was trying to work at a fast first shot, and also work on getting the high speed trigger manipulation a little faster. I know that under recoil it is going to slow down, but this way I can at least get in some reps and watch the sights to see how much I might be pulling the gun off target at speed.

On reloads I left the PAR time at 2.0 since that is my base number and had to complete the reload and have the gun pressed back out on target in the time frame. I only made the time on about 50% of the repetitions. The magazine insertion is what is giving me fits. After struggling through running it at full speed I thought it might be a good idea to slow everything down and just make sure I was doing it correctly, so I followed up with a few slow reps.

I also worked my tactical reload and reload with retention since those hardly get any practice. Not much to report other than I think the reload with retention might actually be the faster option. It only requires my support hand to traverse the distance from the gun to the belt line once, as opposed to twice with a standard tactical reload. I picked up on this actually watching video of Caleb Giddings of Gun Nuts Media shoot the classifier and a light bulb went off. I will have to actually put it on the clock to see how it works out for me since I am more comfortable with a tradition tactical reload.

I finished everything up with some slow trigger presses two handed, SHO and WHO focusing on getting as near a perfect press as I could pull off. I am going to really have to devote some time to SHO and WHO trigger manipulations because I really need to speed those up.

New recoil springs came in today. Definitely a difference in how difficult it is to retract the slide between the stock spring currently in the gun and the 20lb spring. I did not really pick up on the 2lb difference with the 15lb spring. We will see how they shoot. Hopefully they won't cause the gun to malfunction. If they do, I will just have to stick with the stock spring weight. More on that later.

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