Sunday, October 23, 2011

Training Update: 10/20/11

Since this is my first training update, I will also include some of my history with this gun as well as notes on my most recent training session. In total, I have 377 rounds through the Beretta since September 8th, 2011 with four different range sessions. On September 8th I put 114 rounds through the Beretta function testing everything, doing walk back drills on 3"x5" index cards and running a few modified Bill Drills. The range that I was at doesn't allow drawing from the holster, so I was going from a high ready position. My average split on the Bill Drills was 0.31, but I did drop a few rounds on a couple of those drills.

The next range session was September 20 and I only put 10 rounds through the gun. My actual focus for this session was with my Glock 22, I only pulled out the Beretta to take a few runs at an 8" popper set at 50 yards. Hit it with surprising regularity. I do have to hold on the right edge of the target to get the hits though. A trigger control issue I believe.

On October 12th I put another 62 rounds through the gun working mostly the draw and taking a run at the 4567 Drill for the first time (I officially suck at). My average draw to first shot on an 8.5"x11" target at 7 yards was 1.32 seconds, average split 0.37 seconds. Draw time is pretty close to on par with what I do with my Glock 22, split is off about a tenth. My faster splits on the Glock bring the total time down a few tenths when I get into running multiple round drills. I did get in one complete and proper Bill Drill shooting a 2.82 on an 8.5"x11" target at 7 yards. Slow compared to better shooters, but not bad for me. I don't get to run that many proper Bill Drills, hopefully I get more of those into my shooting regimen in the future. I think it is a drill with a lot of application.

October 20th is the most recent training session. I started off working speed with "failure" drills, or 2 to the body one to the head drills. I am not really a fan of shooting a prescribed number of rounds "center mass" and then transitioning, but what I was really try to do was work the speed with a target transition to a smaller target zone to see if I could slow down to make the hits. I did okay. Unfortunately I could not put it on the timer because of other shooters on the line. I pulled one head shot off target, but I was pleased with the placement of all the other rounds and I was running near max speed on the head. I could not see the sights any faster than I was and manipulate the trigger any faster while maintaining the needed accuracy. Next time I will have to put it on the timer if circumstances permit and get some hard numbers.

I then slowed everything way down and ran through Dot Torture at 3 yards. This is probably the best fundamentals check drill I know of, it works pretty much everything. It was my first time running it with the Beretta and I have only cleaned the drill twice before at 3 yards with my G22 and only on days that I was really switch on, so it isn't something I can do with any consistency. I usually shoot a 49/50 with my Glock 22, pulling one round, maybe 2 on an off day. First run with the Beretta, I shot a 50/50. I was rather surprised. I actually think I could replicate it pretty much on demand too. The thinner front sight really makes it easier to get a higher level of precision because it makes it easier to get a more precise sight picture and really place the shot where I want to. I am really looking forward to running Dot Torture again and see if I can duplicate the results. If I can, I will push it back a couple yards and try again.

I followed up Dot Torture by shooting a 10 round group on a 3x5 index card at 7 yards. This is kind of my standard accuracy test. It isn't hard to get my hits, but it lets me check to see if maybe I am exhibiting any bad habits that aren't going to show up shooting Dot Torture at 3 yards. Would you know it, I printed a little left and low. Not by much, but enough to think it was not a fluke deal. This would mesh with what I experienced with shooting the 8" popper at 50 yards. I doubt it is the sights, they appear pretty dead center if not slightly off to the right of the slide (which would cause the gun to shoot right). Guess it is still a trigger control issue. Really have to work that out.

After the fundamental shooting, I started on reloads. I ran 1R2 drills for the rest of the training session. My average reload was 2.18 seconds. I really need to drop that down below 2 seconds and I know I am capable of it because my fastest reload was 1.71 seconds. I routinely fumble the magazine insertion just enough to throw me off or cause me to have to make a slight adjustment at the last instant. If I can get that worked out, I think I can drop the reload consistently below 2 seconds. My slowest reload was a 2.54.

When I crunched the numbers after the range trip my average split for all the timed shooting was 0.38 seconds. No real improvement but I did have a fastest split of 0.28, so I at least know I am capable of going faster than 0.30. My slowest split was a glacial 0.62 seconds. That has got to be fixed. Most were around 0.35ish give or take a couple hundredths.

Total Rounds: 377
Average Reload: 2.18 seconds
Average Split: 0.38 seconds
Average Draw: 1.32 seconds

I plan on hitting the dry fire reloads over the next couple weeks and then hitting the range again second week of November. We will see if there is any progress.

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