Monday, October 31, 2011

A Small Distraction

Flashlights. If you don't have a good one, get one. I run a Streamlight PT-1L, have been for about a year. The best flashlight purchase I have ever made. Runs around $50 from retailers, has decent battery life, good output, and small enough to toss in a pocket and forget about. There are lots of good ones out there, but if I were to recommend one, I would suggest taking a hard look at the PT series from Streamlight. They come in four different flavors, single or double CR123 batteries, or the same with AA batteries if you don't want to have fork the cash over for CR123 batteries. You sacrifice some run time and output with the AA, but the cost of feeding it batteries is much lower.


  1. The use of the flashlight as a bit of "Modern Metsubushi" as we used to call it does have some value. About as much as tossing a handful of change (another form of Metsubushi) into an attacker's face. It doesn't buy you much time but it does buy you the time it takes for the attacker to flinch and think "What the ...?" That time can be priceless if you're prepared to take advantage of it when it comes and prepared as well, to deal with what happens if you don't get the response you expect. I highly recommend some of the more expensive (hundred dollar range) flashlights with much higher output and a strobe function. Highly disorienting to an attacker and highly disorienting to you unless you TRAIN WITH IT prior to carrying/needing it. Nice blog you've got here!

  2. Streamlights PT series of lights that use the CR123 batteries have pretty decent output. The one pictured is 110 lumens and since it is regulated it maintains that output pretty good over the entire runtime. Its big brother, the PT2L is 180 lumens and has a longer runtime. All of the PT series lights have a strobe function and low output function for when you don't need all the lumens.

    Aboslutely train with what you carry, be it a handgun, flashlight, knife or pencil even.

  3. For clarification, in the title of the post I was not eluding to the use of a flashlight as a distraction device, but rather the topic of the post being a departure from the primary purpose of the blog.