Monday, October 31, 2011

The First Classifier

My first attempt at the classifier on August 20 was after the usual monthly match at the local gun club. It was hot, easily high 90's, and everyone felt it. On the plus side, I was pretty well warmed up after shooting a match with some real kicker stages including one with a 32 yard shot through an 8" steel donut. The breakdown of the classifier is as follows.

Stage One-32.47 (7)
If I am remembering correctly, I wasn't really trying to push my speed here, just make my shots, which I did ok at. I need to shave about 7 seconds for it to be what it needs to be though. I think where I can make the most time are on strings 4 and 5. The two rounds to each head on 4, and WHO shooting on 5. The target size on 4 slows me down, and I admittedly am not the best WHO shooter. I have to slow way down to get my hits without dropping too many points on both of those strings. I imagine I could speed up my draw too. I have dedicated some practice time to the draw recently, and I am right around 1.65 seconds to draw and fire two rounds on an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper (my favorite target) at 7 yards. I haven't added a head shot to that, but I am guessing at least another 0.75 seconds if not a full second. I would like to drop my draw time with 2 rounds down to around 1.40. That would give me plenty of breathing room for the head shot.

Stage Two-27.71(5)
This one I think I actually did okay on. I could work on the movement portions of the stage for sure, but outside of that I feel like I am pretty solid. Unfortunately I don't have any extra data other than the total time for each stage to really break it down. I was pushing the speed a little more on this one as I started to get more comfortable with the process of shooting the classifier. I am also pretty familiar with the type of shooting involved with this stage from other shooting related training.

Stage Three-58.87(25)
The points down really hurt me on this one. That is 12.5 seconds of penalty time on this stage alone. I really struggled here. I think the time pressure really got me and I pushed my speed way too much. I should have backed off the the speed and focused more on making solid hits. I am capable of keeping my shots inside an 8" circle at well over 20 yards, so this should be a piece of cake if I can just settle down and hit my natural pace. The tactical reloads cost me some time too. I really need to smooth those up and come up with a better game plan for next time. I can pull a tactical reload off okay when the pressure isn't on, but add just a little and it falls to pieces.

Final Thoughts
I think next time I will be able to make some significant improvements on the classifier, even if my base performance level doesn't increase much. Now having one round under my belt, it won't be quite as stressful the second time around. I will also have a better idea of what is coming, and know where to focus my efforts to put up a better time. The only kicker might be using a different gun. This classifier was shot using a Glock 22, a handgun I am very familiar with. The next classifier will be shot using a Beretta 96D, a gun I am not quite as familiar with yet.

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